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Black Spectre Waterproof BLACK-0104 Rainproof regnjacka

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Be the best - Crafted from the highest quality materials, the Spectre jacket is the best rain jacket on the market right now

3 Outer Pockets - Two large and one smaller non-waterproof frontal pockets will allow you to keep your prized possessions close by whilst riding

Stretch yourself - Elasticated cuffs prevent any unwanted water sneaking up your sleeves, and the elasticated waist line enables you to effortlessly pull the Spectre on over another larger motorcycle jacket

Be safe, be seen - Reflective strips have been strategically placed across the back and around the arms to ensure you are as safe as possible at all times

Let's get comfy - The Spectre's fleece-lined comfort collar will keep you cosy and warm on those longer rides

Take cover - Another great feature; the zip can be fully covered with an extra panel and secured by Velcro, deflecting water away from key areas

Private life - A smaller top pocket allows you to keep your most important belongings even closer to home

Easy storage - A small storage bag is included with the Spectre, ideal for placing under a seat or inside a backpack when the jacket is not in use

Trousers specifications include:

Don't get wet - Designed to be fully waterproof, the Spectre trousers are around to stop you getting a soaking

Built to last - Lightweight yet durable, they're easy to store when not in use but will last you for years to come

Be safe, be seen - Reflective strips have been strategically placed to provide the highest amount of safety coverage possible

Pad it out - Reinforced textile material strengthens the seat of the trousers, thus providing extra strength in key areas

Leg-taper mechanism - Easily pull the bottom of each leg in to the contours of your body to achieve a more personalised fit

Boot straps included - Simply stretch the straps over your boots for a truly secure fit

Secure storage - A small storage bag is included with the Spectre trousers as standard, making it easier than ever to store them away under a seat or in a backpack